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What We Do

We blend digital innovations with future-proof strategies and human- centered designs to redefine the web experience

Jay Patel

Founder | Director

Where do you want to go ?

Our full arsenal of digital services will take you there.

The Works

We work on major sectors. Our experienced team has worked from small scale startups to big companies.

The Clients

We do not have a constrained clientele as all we welcome is someone with a zeal to grow and the patience to see miracles. We are humbly proud to serve more than a hundred reputed clients and thankful to them for keeping their trust intact in us. We are always in an effort to keep you surprised and your business fantastic forever.

The Process

Our discovery process lays a strong foundation for the branding of our customers. Dedicated team members of our company take the full time to comprehend the unique needs and requirements of your business and after a detailed study of your past and current analytics, prepare a foolproof strategy. Deep research into the niche market allows us to alleviate your online presence to attract the correct market segment. All the efforts are guided to engage and retain the audience for consistent and perpetual growth.

User Research

You cannot sell combs to bald. It is very important to reach the right audience that is allied to your brand and product. We focus on your user, and their behavior, and trace their virtual footprints to understand their needs and expectations from you. Going laser-precise in design, development, and marketing, we lay the foundation of your website as per the specific needs of the brand.

Strategic Action plan

Based on foundation building and research, the OpusMonk team set a robust action plan and blueprint of operations for the website development. The whole procedure is conducted keeping user experience and brand building at the center. Core features, functionality, and add-on facilities are sculpted, and the basic design of the website is proposed.


It's 21st Century! Your Digital reputation is what makes your stand out. Focussing on sophisticated design and modern web/app interface, our designs are targeted at driving conversions and delivering the brand image. Suggestions and reviews are taken from a customer base on the design and features to be double sure about the excellence of the project and extend impeccable service to our client.


On receiving a green flag from the client for the proposed design and features of the website we transfer the project to the development server. A bespoke website that is remarkable at the front and end-user part along with custom features for the brand is developed under the continuous monitoring of the client.


On the completion of Web/App development, it is run through pre-launch testing to ensure the flawlessness, effectiveness, and usability of the website. All the features of the website are double-checked for compatibility over various browsers and mobile and responsiveness of the features over various internet speeds.


On approval from the client the App/Website are pushed to respective production stages. The production server infrastructure is prepared during the testing phase and is penetration tested by the time we launch.
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    OpusMonk provide excellent service in a prompt and professional manner. The opusmonk team paid attention to design and development detail, gave meaningful answers to all questions and, produced a finished product that works. Ongoing support is also excellent. Thanks guys.

    Jenny Morris

    From start to finish and the follow up service, Opusmonk was patient, tolerant, listened and worked side by side with us throughout the whole job. Their attention to detail and taking on all our recommendations without hesitation was greatly appreciated. Our website has turned out better than we ever could have dreamed.

    Andrew Dunlop

    Extremely professional and great at understanding your business. Nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommend Opusmonk tech for your business.

    Roz Barnett

    The team at Opusmonk Tech are so great to work with. Friendly, efficient and FAST! They treat us, Festival Services, like we’re their only clients and always value our input and come with solutions to our needs. We have 3 websites with them and couldn’t recommend them more!

    Rebecca Mckeown

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    Our site uses cookies. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy
    Our site uses cookies. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy

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    Subscribe to the updates!

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